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Author: Sophie Moore

Webamp spoke to Jens Vinggaard, Project Manager at Benny Box about the power of word of mouth and the importance of creating a workplace people don’t want to leave behind. 

Jens arrived in Copenhagen several years ago, fresh faced and ready to “make it” as an actor. Life, as it so often does, had other plans for him which included enrolling in the Media Production and Management course at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, seeing him graduate in 2017. During his time there his visions for the future shifted and changed away from the idea of working as a production manager in a theatre towards a certainty he would end up in some kind of creative bureau. Skip forwards to 2018 to his Masters studies in Design Management at the SDU and Design School Kolding which ultimately led to his having to decide between a life and a job in the city he loved and furthering his education and moving to put an end to the lengthy commute. Work won out in the end and he has been a fixture in the Benny Box office ever since. 

“I might not always have been sure of what I wanted to do, but looking back at the last 10 years, it makes sense that I ended up where I am today.”

Sometimes life takes you on a journey you could never have predicted, surprising you with twists and turns that obscure the final destination but ultimately lead you to exactly where you are destined to be, surrounded by the people you are supposed to be with. The people in your life have a huge impact on your experience and so creating communities that welcome and nurture are of the utmost importance. Company culture is evolving to reflect this, to create workplaces that bring employees together no matter the size of the organisation. There is no formula to creating a successful culture,however at Benny Box they seem to have found one that works. 

“At Benny Box, we have a very relaxed culture. Even though we work with some big clients, we are still a relatively small agency, where we all work together to achieve our goals.”

In any company, each individual is just as important as the collective. Each individual has needs and goals of their own and the culture should encourage this. Jens’ boss and Benny Box founder Esben Fisker would rather create a culture where employees want to stay for many years rather than constantly seeking happiness elsewhere. A culture where the team (usually) goes home at 5 pm, and therefore has energy and surplus for the next day. The rest and recuperation is just as important as the work that is done, after all, you can’t pour from an empty glass. 

Unique is a very big word but every company has something they do in a way only they can. What makes Benny Box unique is their care for their craft, each project is different and so the results must be too. The thread that weaves each project together is the focus on storytelling, it  is at the core of every animation, illustration and title sequence that they produce from the very beginning of the process. The power of storytelling does more than inform their craft, however, it also brings work through the door. Almost all of the assignments that come Benny Box’s way are  fuelled by word of mouth, recommendations reaching new clients from the praise of previous ones. 

“I'm pretty convinced it’s because of the quality of our work. You can definitely find other studios who are cheaper, but to be honest you get what you pay for here at Benny Box.”

With quality comes hard work, something which can bring about a huge sense of satisfaction when you look back over what you’ve achieved. This feeling of achievement is what keeps Jens showing up to work every day, the burst of pride of having spent several months on a project and then finally seeing it unfold. Whether it's a title sequence for Netflix, a whole new universe for DR or a facade illustration for the local clothing store, the feeling is the same. In fact the things that pull Jens into the office each day are the feelings his job evokes in him. The freedom he has been given by his boss, the trust and responsibility placed upon his shoulders, and the atmosphere of camaraderie and togetherness the culture at Benny Box has created between him and his colleagues. There's a lot to be said for the bonding opportunities a round of MarioKart and a crate of beers provides. This year has proved to us all how much we need those around us in times of uncertainty. We have never needed strong company cultures more than we do now, you never know what is just around the corner. We need each other more than ever, to stand by one another to navigate whatever life throws our way and be rooted in the knowledge that we are all in this together. 

We’d like to give a huge thank you to Jens for sharing his journey with us and stressing the importance of a positive working environment. To see more of the work he does, visit the Benny Box website, find them on instagram or connect with him on linkedin

If you enjoyed hearing about company culture, read more posts on the topic on the blog. You can also find Nicolai Vittrup on Linkedin. For all things SEO, PPC and web related, visit Webamp.

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