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Author: Gabriella Anesio

Webamp interviewed Nicklas Pedersen, marketing manager of ZenseHome. Nicklas shared what he’s learned along the way, the importance of being unique in everything you do, challenging the status quo, and redefining the way people approach things.

ZenseHome, founded in 2006, is an ‘intelligent traditional electrical installation company’, providing an entire package within which consumers can control the light systems in their homes, with features from dimming to measuring power consumption. What ZenseHome is trying to do with lighting can be compared to what IBM did with the Simon Personal Communicator - the first smartphone ever launched, redefining the playing field of phones and consumer spending patterns. ZenseHome is on a mission to transform their unique, bold, and intelligent idea into the new norm in the realm of lighting. 

Making the unique the new standard 

Making something new and innovative into the new standard is a challenge, but a feat made more likely when the idea propelling the change is truly a smart one.

“Considering the popularity of technological products in general, the smart lighting suppliers haven’t succeeded yet. Due to this fact, we like to focus on the traditional electrical installation as our main competitor. When thinking about it this way it differs a lot from a phone brand in the current market for phones and smartphones especially. Going years back we had a market where the smartphones were the unique models and clap phones etc had the majority of the market. Today the generic word for a phone has turned into the smartphone and we would like to make ZenseHome or intelligent lighting the new generic word for electrical installation.”

ZenseHome goes above and beyond the other smart lighting suppliers out there by providing a complete package whereby customers don’t need to purchase specialised wiring and installation, but, rather, a package of smart lighting components as an add-on to their traditional electrical installation. This is part of the company’s adamant mission to make the entire lighting process less complex to the layperson, removing the stigmas from electrical installations. 

This is just one of the ways ZenseHome is trying to make itself stand out from other companies in the same industry, according to Nicklas. It’s no secret that companies, in order to set themselves apart from their competitors, need a unique selling point (USP). When asking Nicklas was ZenseHome’s USP was, this was his response:

“First off, Danish technology, in addition to sustainable electricity. But if I should choose an overall USP for ZenseHome, it would be: the ability to simplify the complexity of intelligent lighting control.” 

This links to an incredibly important point: when you sell a product, often overlooked, or taken for granted, is that you don’t just sell a product - you’re also selling an experience. You could have the technically best pair of headphones out there, but if you provide crappy customer service, make it impossible for people to understand the tech behind the product, or simply complicate any process leading up to, and including, the sale itself, you’re doing something wrong. This is what ZenseHome is trying to challenge - it should be simple, easy, and convenient to get the lighting you want in your home, and you don’t need to be a tech geek to get the job done. 

The marketing behind lighting

One of the biggest components of being able to make intelligent lighting the new standard is good marketing. That’s where Nicklas steps in as marketing manager at ZenseHome. 

ZenseHome is an example of a company which hasn’t been negatively affected by COVID. In fact, with lockdowns and people being forced to stay more indoors, people have started taking more time to contemplate home improvements and renovations - enter ZenseHome. 

Despite the company not being adversely affected by the ongoing pandemic, Nicklas still has to make sure ZenseHome’s marketing strategy is stronger than ever before. 

“My main goal as a marketing manager is to optimize our communication and customer journey so customers buy our products through online channels rather than through the electricians, which is the way it has always been done.”

This links back to redefining the way things are done. It’s not just the product itself, it’s the entire journey and process of finding, considering, investing in, installing, and enjoying intelligent light systems; ZenseHome is stepping in at every point in this journey to help redefine, simplify, and innovate. But doing this is a lot easier said than done. Nicklas mentions that timing is absolutely essential to implementing a bulletproof marketing strategy. 

“The toughest part of being a marketing manager is keeping up with the many new possibilities within marketing and to execute these at the same time. If you do it right, you are the first mover in your market and will be able to take some market share. I have also learned the importance of thinking about different marketing tools in the overall marketing strategy. The synergy of using the right tools together can be the difference between success and failure.”  

Being the first mover is tough, but not impossible. To be able to be the first mover means capturing a crucial segment of the market and reaping the benefits before anyone else, namely, your competitors, can. As also illuminated by Nicklas, there are, the majority of the time, several aspects to a marketing strategy. It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. With the right pieces, and enough haste, you can build an incredibly strong and competitive strategy, but remove one of the pieces and all of a sudden, the puzzle is incomplete and, thus, weakened. 

But the next puzzle is: how much should strategies be based on evidence or experimentation? This was Nicklas’s two cents on the matter:

“‘Never change a winning strategy’, but if you want to challenge the status quo you’ll need to experiment alongside your winning strategy. In our market none of our competitors have found the winning strategy yet, so it is all about balancing between the main parts of online marketing and testing new ideas.”

A massive thank you to Nicklas Pedersen for sharing his thoughts on staying innovative and challenging the status quo. You can find him on LinkedIn, as well as ZenseHome (alternatively, find them on their website). 

If you’re interested in reading more on the topic, check out the other posts on this blog here. You can also reach out to Nicolai Vittrup on LinkedIn, or use the contact form on this website to leave any comments or questions. To learn about everything SEO, PPC, and web-related, explore the content over at Webamp

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