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Author: Emily Hunt

Patrik Drobny, CEO at The Syrup Company, recently spoke with Webamp about what it means to be an innovative, sustainable, and collaborative entrepreneur in the syrup industry. 

Patrik Drobny started The Syrup Company after an import company he had didn’t work out and he found a job in-between. He recalls one of his friends, whom he also considers his mentor, wanting to invest in the import company Drobny no longer had. So instead, they came up with a new plan and The Syrup Company was born. Drobny started The Syrup Company with only 2 co-founders and 4 angel investors.

However, for Drobny, the syrup has a deeper root. That is, he was a semi-professional swimmer and athlete throughout his highschool and university career. Drobny spent a lot of time around sports drinks during these years, which is where he became acquainted with the syrup mixing process. He shares the way one prepares a sports drink is by using syrup. Additionally, Drobny’s family has a long tradition in winemaking.  He shares,

“Both of my grandfathers had vineyards, and large gardens where they grew about 50% of all we ate. With all of this home-grown food we also preserved a lot of it, so we can enjoy it in cold months, therefore we made a lot of fruit and herbal infusions: syrups.” 

For Drobny, syrup making has a deeply personal root. Now he is continuing that journey by creating organic, handcrafted syrups in Copenhagen with The Syrup Company.

Creative Collaboration

Drobny says that The Syrup Company’s ingredients travel with seasons around the World. For example lemons, limes and grapefruits are from Israel, Spain, Italy, and Peru. Ginger is sourced year round from Peru, Passionfruit is from Vietnam, Peru, or Uganda. When it comes to turning these fresh ingredients into syrups, Drobny shares how his team likes to keep things creative by collaborating with customers. He says,

“We create all our flavors in collaboration with our customers. They tell us what their customers buy, and then we take that idea and make it unique. And this way we introduce familiar flavors with unexpected twists. Also, it is a part of a longer strategy of educating consumers so they are prepared for the moment when we release a very unique product.”

Drobny shares what it really means to source organic ingredients. Drobny explains sustainability is embedded in the way producers grow their produce. This means, not using GMO seeds for their plants, not using pesticides, and herbicides. This way farmers do not distort the natural surroundings of the plants they grow. These farmers also have only one season per harvest which is also not exhausting the plants. Drobny emphasizes that organic for his products also means sustainably grown. 

Maintaining Innovation at The Syrup Company 

Drobny shares the key strategy is to innovate collaboratively with The Syrup Company’s key partners. He describes this process as a new-age flavor innovation lab that uses raw ingredients to create new beverage experiences.

Going forward, Drobny hopes to continue providing the highest value  for all of his customers by providing them with what he believes are outstanding products. Drobny believes it is important to create not only great tasting products, but syrups that are produced with the utmost care and sustainability in mind. 

If you would like to stay up to date on everything Patrik Drobny is doing, connect with him on LinkedIn here. Additionally, for more information on The Syrup Company you can follow them or visit their website

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