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Webamp today – a cultural company with space for fun and learning

Here at Webamp, we value one thing above all else: the concept of freedom under responsibility. This means learning to push your boundaries every day in order to get more exceptional results than the day before. 

Nicolai is a firm believer in the concept that magic happens when one is allowed to play with boundaries and try new things out. Only then can you become better at something. But part of this is also failing.

“It is crucial to dare to fail - this is because it is only through failing that you allow yourself to seek new opportunities and test your boundaries. The most important thing is to have the courage to admit this to yourself, and especially to admit this to your customers. This is what we call transparency.” 

To be precise, transparency and honesty are the key words to describe Webamp today. For Nicolai, being open about when things aren’t running as smoothly as predicted is equally as important as telling customers when things are going great. 

Even now that Webamp is a well-established company, for Nicoai it is still essential that Webamp remains a fun space open for exploration and playing with boundaries - a space where his employees can try new things, develop new skills, and constantly be learning. As he says:

“We are not always the best, but we always seek to be better than yesterday.”

When asking Nicolai about success, it is clear that entrepreneurship and his journey at Webamp have taught him an important lesson

One quickly works out that success isn’t synonymous with money. Success is all about entrepreneurship. It is a result of all your success. Money is not the most important thing and it never will be.

Even if entrepreneurship can result in some bumps along the way, it is these bumps that give you the experiences that allow you to grow, develop, and eventually make the right decisions. Therefore, Nicolai also has a piece of advice for new companies that immerse themselves in lots of different projects. 

“Learn from the mistakes you are making now. These are the cheapest mistakes you will make, and the most frequent mistakes you make are those that will lead to the most success.”

At the end of the day, as long as you remind yourself that bumps along the way don’t define you or your future, success is really what you make of it yourself – so dream big!

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